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Learn to cook with me! Healthy, easy-to-master recipes from my kitchen to yours. Why eat out when you can make delicious food at home? Lets bring back the era of dinner parties, cookouts, and home-cooked meals.

Behind the apron, I’m a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School and am an attorney at a law firm focusing on banking law.  I grew up with a mom that made dinner every night and a younger sister that rivaled a 1950s house wife.  I lived on dry cereal.  Even making pasta was too much for me to handle.

After getting married in October 2011, I decided it was finally time to learn to cook.  This blog will try to focus on healthier meals [I have a powerful sweet tooth].

our wedding day.

I have never considered myself a good cook, so this is documenting my effort to change that.

I’m into painting, red wine, tea, 4:14, french bulldogs, my family, naming things, guacamole, and piggies.

I’m not into diet coke, peas, and hipsters.


If you’d like to contact me with recipe ideas, questions, or comments, please email me at









  1. Married life agrees with the two of you!
    I wish you both Love, Health, Happiness & recipes to fill a
    lifetime full of wonderful celebrations & memories!

    1. Balsamic vinegar contains beneficial antioxidants, no fat, and very few calories. It is rather strong too so a little goes a long way. Conversely, balsamic vinaigrette is more of your “typical” salad dressing. It typically includes oil, sugar, and/or mustard to balsamic vinegar, along with seasonings like garlic, salt, and pepper. While it can be made in a way that makes it healthier than other salad dressings, it can’t compare to simply using the vinegar and oil.

  2. This weekend I made the Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Tomato Salad – I put too much balsamic vinegar in it. It wasn’t as good as the salad you made. Next time I will be more careful.

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