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So I am finishing up with week four since I embarked on my weight loss journey.  Here are some progress photos if you’d like to see.

My routine has been pretty consistent.  My breakfast consists of either Greek yogurt with berries, oatmeal with berries, or I totally cave and splurge with a chocolate croissant and iced caramel macciato from Starbucks.  When I figure my day at work is going to be tough or the boys didn’t sleep well, or I am just in a mood, then to Starbucks I go.  And perhaps I should reel that in (I do), but I am ok with it.  Breakfast is my favorite meal.  And if there’s gonna be a cheat meal, I want it to include a fun coffee drink.

Week One v. Week Two

If I don’t have court, I work out over lunch.  Since I started working at my law firm 6 years ago, I’ve been a member of Anytime Fitness.  The gym is two blocks away from the office, and a couple other attorneys also head to the gym over lunch so no one gives me crap for spending time at the gym in the middle of the day.

For workouts, I have been doing the 8 week Total Body Transformation Challenge from the Strive with Megan app.  Each day, there is a 24-28 minute workout.  Basically, there is a 3 minute warmup, then 8 exercises that you do for one minute a piece-with a 30 second break at the end of the 8 minute round, for a total of three rounds, and then a cool down.  There is something about how the workout is broken down that it feels completely manageable to me.

Like most people, dinners/when I am at home are the hardest to stay on track.  It’s not necessary dinner itself.  The Strive app has a great library of healthy meals to make and I love to cook.  It’s the snacking. And wine. Oh, wine, you are my nemesis.

Week One v. Week Three

In an effort to curb the urge to share wine with my husband, I’ve been drinking La Croix more often.  (Let this not be misleading.  I am still drinking wine.  I am drinking wine as I type this. I am also drinking La Croix as I type this.  Guys, I really like drinking liquids).

All and all, there is room for improvements.  But more importantly, I have made some really huge improvements already.  On Monday, I set my goal to get in 5 solid work outs that week.  I’ve been holding myself to that. If I find myself wanting a fun coffee drink, if I already splurge that week, I resist.  And if we have an opened bottle of wine and I’ve already had a glass, I push myself to grab a La Croix instead of refilling (usually).  I also made sure we don’t have white wines around (unless my parents come to visit) because I find that it is easier to drink more white wine than red.  I’ve been able to stay away from Matt’s snack food for the most part and we haven’t been going out to eat.

So in four weeks, this is where I am at:

Week One v. Week Four
Week One v. Week Four

I’m not there yet.  But I’m getting there.

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