The Mother of All Bloody Marys–A Del’s Bloody

This is the Helen of Troy of Bloody Marys.

The holy grail of bloodies.  The Bloody Mary that I compare all other bloodies to.  This Bloody Mary is from the La Crosse bar Del’s.  I have searched in vain for a comparable bloody in the Twin Cities.  And there is no substitute.  Made with classic tomato juice, a heavy pour of vodka, and spiked with couple shakes from a pepper shaker mixture of 23 spices, it’s smooth and gritty at the same time.  And Del’s does not skimp on the toppings.  Dressed with a large dill pickle, an olive, a pickled brussel sprout, and huge chunk of pepper jack cheese along with any beer on tap (go for the Pearl Street Downtown Brown-another La Crosse classic), this Bloody Mary really is a meal in a glass.

Del’s easily wins as my favorite bar in La Crosse, and whenever I am in town, the visit isn’t complete without a trip for a Del’s bloody.  Still, I miss my Tuesday afternoons spent sipping bloodies and pbrs with Leslie. Gah. Growing up is tough!

And if it is not obvious enough already–Del’s wins 5 out of 5 stars.  Maybe 6.

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Chatterbox Bloody Mary

Today I continued my search for the best Bloody Mary in the Twin cities.  We went to Chatterbox for brunch–it’s a fun restaurant in St. Paul that has board games for you to play while you wait for your food.  The special thing about Chatterbox’s Bloody is that they don’t use vodka.  Instead, it has saki.  This change in alcohol makes the drink much smoother than your average bloody.  Still, the toppings are weak.  No cheese, only a baby pickle, and a cherry tomato?!? Really don’t feel like the cherry tomato is necessary since the entire drink has that overall tomato flavor.  Rather have a brussel sprout that compliments the tomato flavor instead of just piling on more tomato.  Still, the chasers at Chatterbox are excellent.  Any type of beer for no additional charge.  Plus large Bloody Marys are half off during brunch.  Cannot say no to that!

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